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Buddha Yogshala & Home Yoga Classes has been opened in Pitampura New Delhi". We provide our customers with the best home yoga fitness services in a very unique and interesting manner. All Asanas are being taught by Yogacharya Arjun Singh and his teammates. Yogacharya Arjun Singh is the founder and owner of "HOME YOGA CLASSES." He was born on 18 August 1995 in Uttar Pradesh. He completed his bachelor's degree in Commerce from the “ Manonmaniam Sundaranar University ”, and did a Master's Degree in YOGA from “Uttarakhand Sanskrit University”. He treats his patients in a very professional manner. He has also come up with some unique services and one of the very famous services is named “HOME YOGA CLASSES”. He has also got many awards in the field of Yoga. In present situation, Yogacharya Arjun Singh is considered one of the top yoga trainers in the field of Yoga. Yogacharya Arjun Singh has founded the "Home Yoga Classes" on 25th July 2017. Before establishing “Home Yoga Classes” he has also worked as a freelancer.

Your life of Yoga



Buddha Yogshala & Home Yoga Classes has opened in Pitampura Hath Yoga, Astanga Yoga Instructor in NEW DELHI Open today until 10:00 PM.

Trainers are qualified from the Recognized University of India.

We provide the complete solution for all kind of body pain, self-healing, increase focus as well as reduce stress and tension with the help of yoga. Yoga is important to attain self-confidence and also improves focus to do work in today's stressful life. It also helps to calm the mind which helps to think more innovative ideas.

We have highly qualified yoga trainers who are specialized to train yoga to the people. We also believe that it is important to control the mind and body to achieve success in life.

1:-10% discount if taken package of six month. (In any package).
2:- After three months of joining yoga classes, 10% discount will be less of monthly package (If package is 10,000 or above 9000) in regular day’s classes.
3:- Only one class will be adjusted in every week or four classes will be adjusted in a month during vacation taken by trainees. If trainers taken any vacations then all vacation classes will be adjusted by trainers.
4:- 500/- discount if anyone given the reference. (If package above 6000/-)
5:- After submitted the payment, it is not refundable.
6:- Fees will be paid in advance via any method NEFT/IMPS/CASH.




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